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In Front Of The Cross Fader.....
August 14, 2012 07:40 PM PDT
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Welcome back to the show for a special 20th episode edition. This is a loose free style discussion on everything from what we've learned about our fellow djs, the future of the show and a very deep discussion on the recent surge in local club closures. This is a very deep and serious chat about the business side of club nights, club ownership and it's especially useful information for djs looking to play in these venues.

Grand Master's Grooves
July 23, 2012 05:23 PM PDT
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What up everybody!? Thanks for joining us once again as we kick it with Masta Monk!This man is the Haley's Comet of djs rocking through out Southern Arizona. We dive a little deeper into the dynamics of digital and non digital djing, Monk's early mental obstacle course of "djing pop quiz" and ways of turning your dj gigs into a true performance. MastaMonk takes the dj life very seriously and you can hear it in every word spoken. Kick back and enjoy!

Breaking Into The Dj Game
July 17, 2012 12:02 AM PDT
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Check it out ya'll! This episode features Dj Shock and Dj Apprentice of the Hot 98 mix crew. A very informative discussion that's somewhat of a extension to our Dj Payback show in which we dive further behind the scene of the world of Hip-Hop radio. This show should also serve a great reminder of how dedicated us djs have to be to get put on.Very fun talk reminiscing of the early days of radio and how much has changed within the last 10 yrs. Enjoy!

The Vision of Music
July 08, 2012 02:11 PM PDT
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This week, we proudly welcome The Power Mix crew. These cats definately are taking djing to a whole other level! Tucson's most unique dj's speak with us about the time and effort of video djing including tips on how to approach and get started. Very talented but humble guys that we can't wait to hear more from soon. This is a show that has a wealth of information. Pen and pad are required while listening!

The Nutty Mix Professor
July 02, 2012 06:42 PM PDT
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Thanks for joining us on this episode of BTCF as we welcome yet another legend, Mike "Big Nut" Lopez! This man has the record for the longest active dj locally and is the type of guy in which there's not enough time to hear his stories of inspiration and to learn a little something from him. Speaking of, this show is a great listen, to get us grounded back to the basics and fun of djing. Mixing cassette tapes, making women take their clothes off,the life of growing up in a already made party atmophere...it's all here!

Other topics:

Crowd control

Music formats

Past Tucson Clubs

The need to promote yourself as a dj

Stories of playing with famous djs

The Pride Of Djing
June 25, 2012 08:44 AM PDT
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Welcome once again to another great show. With great pride we're proud to have the lovely and insanely cute Dj Shorty 2.0. Shorty problably has the most underrated and appreciated dj resume of anyone we know and by simply doing what she does, has help facilitate the acceptance of female djs in Tucson and our complete embracement of the LGBT community. We know without a doubt that her impact and influence with stay for years to come. We love this woman!

You Can't Spell Funk Without The Fun
June 18, 2012 05:45 PM PDT

It is sometimes believed that a dj's character and personality can shine up and beyond the music they spins and our guest, JR Sid The Kid is the testament to that. This is another fun show of pure freestyling conversations as we explores JR's unorthodox approach to being a djing and his unexpected induction into it.

Other Topics:

Video djs
Mixing differents genres of music
Up and downs of dealing with promoters
Crowd control
Sid's barber chair

The Art Of The Mix
June 11, 2012 05:01 PM PDT

What up ya!!? Thanks for checking out this episode ( along with the weirdest show intro we ever had). Dj Sonario kicks it with us to share his incredible journey of his earlier beginning mixing in Cali, to his dj approved cumbia/hip-hop productions.This is by far the most under appreciated cat in Tucson.A soon to be legend!

Other Topics:
What's a "real dj"
Hands on opinion of Serato vs Traktor
The gorgeous pin-up models distracting us
The benefit of weddings
Embracing our "dj identity"

All That Scratching Is Making Me Itch!
June 04, 2012 06:24 PM PDT

Oh my damn...This show is truly buckwild! If you got Kool Keith, Luther Campbell, Q-Bert, some old school Nintendo games and threw them all in a blender, you'll get our man, Dj Grapla! We're very proud to have him as our Arizona ambassador of scratch and he has made a name for himself bridging the old and new era of battle djs...not to mention, he also rocks parties. This show isn't definately for the kiddies....enjoy!

Other Topics:

Dj battles in the age of the digital djs

Scratch practice tips

Social support in the first days of becoming a dj


Un Orthodox dj inspirations

Turn Up The Radio
May 21, 2012 02:25 PM PDT

It's our honor to have D'Wayne Chavez of Tucson's Hot 98.3! This man probably draws the most connection between djs more than anyone known and have also worked and experienced multiple facets of the music business. If you have time and a drink, this is the guy you want to chat with!

Topics Discussed:

Starting off at Hot 98.3 FM

The evolution of changes in music and radio

Dealing with warped vinyl in the Arizona heat!

Run in with music celebrities

"Boot Camps" that djs go through that pays off later

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